In Search of America



In Search of America, aims to be a road trip love letter to America, told through the eyes of an Indian immigrant and a white/liberal flower-child like female as they cross country in a yellow VW with a stern and conservative man.

This is my love letter to America.

It made me who I am today and gave me everything I have today.

I came to this country as a young man at the age of 23.

Never earned a dime in my life before coming to America and America taught me and gave me everything, including my software business, kids, wisdom, money, oh and a  mortgage… everything.

This is my ode to the idea of America which proved it to me,  that it is the best thing in the world as of today.  The current acrimony and polarization is what hurts me the most, where it is thinking like a third world country, but this is a journey we as a nation need to go through and will come out of it more stronger than before.  It is like the flu, you got to go through it once every so often.  But after that suffering and pain we emerge more healthier and united as a country.

My ode to it’s vast natural beauty, it’s music, it’s movies, it’s technology, it’s law and above all else it’s freedom!


It is going  to be a fun road trip movie, more like a comedy, but still asking the tough questions about guns, politics, religion, globalization and the current acrimony in America.  It’s going to be like a Bill Maher show, which has comedy but still asks the tough questions.  It is semi-autobiographical and my point of view as an immigrant who made it in this country.

The aural tone of the movie will be the American Rock & Roll music, like these from Iggy Pop and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.




—- Rao Meka